Indigo Saigon Hotel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Facade, Landscape & Interior Lighting Design

Europe Trading Investment Co., Ltd

Interior Design
Wilson Associates



Just as no two places are alike, each Hotel Indigo is different. Hotel Indigo Saigon The City, which has been named in homage to the city’s history, will be specially designed to reflect the unique character and stories of its surroundingneighbourhood, from  thoughtful decor that lends a local touch to its 150 guest rooms and three meeting rooms. The hotel will also feature a unique street-front destination neighbourhood cafe serving Vietnamese-inspired cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Immersed in the lively pulse of the neighbourhood, which boasts a bustling street food scene, guests will also be able to explore famed attractions just a short walk away, including the Sai Gon Opera House and Sai Gon Notre-Dame Basilica.